Dear Chuck

Hi Chuck, it’s me, Worm, from Section 30 Row Y Seat 5 (and 6).

That doesn’t ring a bell? I’m one of the kids that have bought season tickets the last four years and given what I could to the Wolfpack Club to help build that palace of an office or allow you to cruise around in that flashy Corvette?

Still don’t remember me? I’m one of those two skinny kids that drove down from Charlotte to Clemson and back to watch us handle the Tiggers on a Thursday night and get to 9-0. I’ve been to 3 of your 5 bowl games, including the one last year we really didn’t deserve.

Didn’t help? I’m one of the three not-quite-as-skinny kids that drove down to Atlanta and fell asleep in the stands while your team laid an egg in Bobby Dodd in 2003.
Memory still a little fuzzy? I’m one of “you people”.

I thought that would do it. How have you been? I can’t say I’m pleased with how things have gone for the Pack this year. Or last year. Or even the one before that. What’s going on up there in the Capital City? Things haven’t been good since Young Man Rivers left. Under your tutelage he went from being nothing to one of the best quarterbacks in the world. Just look at him now! He’s taken your teachings to the next level and now Peter King can’t stay off of his jock.

Now Coach, I know this isn’t all your fault. You’ve faced a lot of challenges in the past few years. First of all, how could the team concentrate at practice with all of that construction going on with the new stadium “improvements.”

Some of the blame has to go to the assistant coaches, right? Is it your fault they can’t handle the pressure and run away at any sign of turmoil? Is it your fault that we’ve had 4 different OC’s in the past 7 years? Or 3 different defensive coordinators? No way. Who needs them if they’re just going to shrink in the face of adversity.

And what about the players? I figure they have to take a big portion of the blame. Look at Mario, Manny, and McCargo all getting drafted in the first round of the draft. They must’ve been saving themselves for the season as a way to stay fresh for the draft combine. They sure weren’t that good wearing the Red and White. And what about these quarterbacks? I mean, you made Rivers into what he is, but the Davises, Stones and Evanses have just simply let you down. They obviously have talent, you wouldn’t have recruited them otherwise, would you?

And don’t even get me started on those UNC refs and those ticky-tack penalties. I mean, there’s holding on every play, but it only gets called on us. I guess Mr Swofford has just got it in for us.
I know, I know, wait until next year. I’m stoked. I’ve been reading on PackPride about the killer recruiting class we’ve got coming in next year. That receiver Soandso and that defensive back Whatshisname are just what we need to turn the corner. The O-Line and Linebacking corp seem to be a little thin, but I’m sure you’ll be able to switch over some of those washed up D linemen or convert a running back or two.

Keep up the good work Chuck and keep reeling in those 3 star players! All the best against ECU!!!


15 thoughts on “Dear Chuck”

  1. Man! Don’t have Amato fired now. I was telling everyone to fire him two seasons ago. I even wrote an article to be published in the Technician. But for some reason, the sports editor didn’t publish my article. Now I’m used to State losing. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care about State football anymore. That means every week in every Fall, I can save countless hours by not caring about State football. I’ll have more time for doing things I want to do, and some that others want me to do. For that reason alone, please hold back your vicious propoganda against Chuck. Have him instated for life instead!

  2. One more thing…worm made us stop at Dairy Queen TWICE to get a blizzard on the drive back from that GT game.

  3. Lucas, I beg to differ. The Clemson game made it 9-0. We lost to Ga Tech, UVa, and Md before beating Florida St and Notre Dame to finish 11-3. A rare 14 game season.

  4. I too, have fallen off the bandwagon…I may have been the last one left, but until recently felt the ship could still be righted…Is Mike O’Cain available? I’m willing to say we were wrong.

  5. Quote of the Week:
    “If Steve Logan is our next coach, I’m buying a Duke football T-shirt.”
    ~J.F. McGinnis, philosopher

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